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Need Clients? 5 Tips to Attract More Clients By Jennifer Davey
Business Coach & Marketing Strategist of JJS Coaching

Are you trying to find new ideas for how to get clients to pick up the phone and call you? These are my 5 favorite strategies for attracting clients.  

1. Cultivate partnerships: Business is hard when youíre on your own. Itís best to have a network of other businesses and associates with whom you can collaborate, cross promote, and share referrals.  

2. Establish your authority with a newsletter: Creating a regular publication, whether on paper or online, gives you a chance to consistently reach out to clients while also showing off your knowledge and expertise.  

3. Focus on your clients, not yourself: Letís face it. This is business. As great as you are, your clients are more interested in what you can do for them than in who you are. So focus on how your business can serve them. Your job is to take an interest in your clients.  

4. Listen to people: The secret to getting people to take you seriously is to listen to them. When people feel like youíre actively listening to their concerns, theyíre much more likely to give you their business.  

5. Incite action: In all of your marketing materials, seminars, newsletters, and so on, clearly define the things that your clients can and should be doing. Sometimes people are ready to act, but they just need that little extra nudge. Always create a clear call to action.



Meet Jennifer Davey

Jennifer DaveyJennifer Davey, Founder of JJS Coaching and Author of the "Getting Clients Home Study Program" and "The 14-Step Formula for Getting Clients", is a Business Coach, Marketing Strategist and Speaker. She helps small businesses and self employed professionals who want more clients develop strategies for getting clients, building business and making more in-come.

Jennifer spent 12 years working in the news media as a Television Director before becoming self employed as a Marketing Consultant and Digital Strategist. While helping small businesses reach their marketing goals, Jennifer realized that many small business owners were creating businesses that were not in alignment with their priorities and values.

Jennifer quickly realized that when her clients tried to build businesses that didn't resonate with their priorities and values; they would either fail or would be successful but miserable with what they had created. She understood that building a business is like building a house; it needs a solid foundation to build on. This foundational realization was a big turning point. It's one of the things that compelled Jennifer to transition from consultant to coach and create her 14-Step Formula for Getting Clients, Building Business and Making More In-come.

Jennifer's mix of real life business experience, practical application of marketing and digital strategies, and media experience create a unique set of skills to help her clients build their businesses much more quickly than they would on their own.

Groups and Associations

  • Board Member National Association for Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Greater Philadelphia.

  • Program Co-Chair National Association for Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Greater Philadelphia

  • Adjunct Faculty: Self-Employed Academy International Association of Self-Employed Communication Professionals

  • Member Women's Referral Network

Gain the independence and lifestyle that you dreamed of when you started your own business. Schedule a Fr-e-e Discovery Session to explore how Jennifer can help you get clients, build your business and make more in-come.


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