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5 Tweaks To Energize Your Business Growth By Dennis Sommer
CEO, Executive Business Advisers

Are you going through the same old motions that worked in the past with fewer results today? Have you run out of good ideas? Are your competitors taking business away from you? If so, what you might need to do is make a few tweaks to energize your business growth.

It doesn’t need to be a major overhaul of your business. A few minor tweaks might be enough. The important thing is to recognize the need for action and make informed decisions.

To identify where changes are most needed, you will have to dig for details about various aspects of your business. Don’t focus on individual issues, but how they fit together as a whole.

Start with these 5 areas:

1. Create a New Image
Has your customer base changed since you first started?  Is the market broader or narrower, older or younger, more upscale or less?  You might need a new image, revved up branding or perhaps just a rewrite of your website and marketing materials.

2. Improve Value Delivered
Take a hard look at whether your products or services are competitive and performing up to customer value expectations. Your goal should be to exceed value expectations. Your own customers can help with this. Talk with your customers and get feedback on how your products or services are adding value to their business and what could be done to improve them.

3. Improve Marketing Results
If your marketing is not generating a large number of leads and buying customers, it may be time to re-evaluate and devise a new marketing strategy. Take a look at your message, presentation, what you are offering and the marketing methods used to reach your target customer.

4. Recapture Your Enthusiasm
Revisit your original business plan. You might be able to recapture some of the insight and enthusiasm you originally had when starting your business.  Think back to your most successful promotions, presentations or sales efforts. Rather than reinventing the wheel, you might be able to update and expand an approach that has already worked for your business in the past.5. Seek Outside Perspectives
Don’t be afraid to seek outside perspectives from others. After all, you might be too close to the situation to understand the key issues, sources and potential solutions. Meet and brainstorm with your trusted advisers, mentors, friends, partners, employees and outside consultants. Ask customers to give you frank feedback.

A few tweaks to your business may be just what is needed to energize your business improvement and growth.



Meet – Dennis Sommer

Dennis Sommer – CEO, Executive Business Advisers

Dennis Sommer is a highly sought after business growth expert with over 25 years experience. His specialty is helping companies quickly improve business performance and sales revenue growth. Dennis provides deep functional and industry expertise to help companies overcome their key business challenges and build a roadmap for success.

Using his proven, copyrighted methodology, Dennis analyzes what you are doing today, recommends specific improvement action steps and helps you implement the changes needed to improve your business performance and revenue growth.  His areas of expertise include; strategic planning, sales, marketing, customer service, operations, technology, staff and leadership development.

Dennis’s business improvement and growth expertise has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, New York Times, Fox News and many more.  

Dennis works with a diverse mix of product and professional service companies.  His clients include; large Fortune 1,000 global companies, medium size growth focused companies and small early stage specialty companies.  He works with family owned, private and public companies.  

Since 1985 Dennis has started three successful growth focused companies. A high-tech product company, a technology consulting firm and Executive Business Advisers.  Dennis is also founder of the EBA Business Success Network, an exclusive executive networking group.  

Dennis has held leadership level positions with: Accenture – a $22 billion global management consulting and technology services firm.  Computer Associates Inc. – a $4 billion enterprise software company.  LDA Systems – a $26 million regional IT consulting firm.  Jo-Ann Stores - a $1billion fabric and craft retailer.  

Dennis is also a highly sought after speaker and author.  He inspires, motivates and educates audiences with his keynotes, seminars and customized training workshops.  Dennis is an international author of 3 books and over 80 published articles on improving business and leadership performance.  

His latest best selling book is “Adviser Secrets – How to Become a Top Performer”.



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