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We are interested in receiving business articles which are educational or informative from anyone in the Credit and Collection Industry. If you feel that your business article would be helpful to our readers by all means please email it to us in a pdf or word doc and we will post it on our website within 24 hours. Please send your submissions to  

Business Article 
Applying Common Sense To Collections
When Beacon Hill, Bureaucracy and the Bench Coalesce into a Perfect Storm  
Personal Guaranty of a Commercial Credit Application
Debtors Prison?
Is your ADO a "best practices" model?
Obtaining or Collecting on a Judgment
Electronic Documents! Are they enforceable?
What if You Couldn’t Fail?
Is your agency staying one step ahead of the modern professional debtor?
Testimonials: When Is the Best Time to Ask?
Self-Sabotage: How Mindset Affects Your Business
Dead Last In Sales? Turn It Around!
Critical Communication Skills You Must Have
To Grow Your Business, You Need A Marketing Plan
5 Business Skills You Need To Compete
Tips To Help Your Team Close More Sales
If You Want to Get Clients, Don’t Forget to Market  
How Employee Training Can Improve Business Growth
What's Holding Back Execution?
Critical Customer Service Skills You Must Have
Need More Client Referrals? Try This Trick
Do You Have A Marketing Plan?
Improve Your Leadership by Showing Trust
7 Key Business Survival Tips
Review and Do What They Do Best
Making Your Website WORK For You
Why Teamwork? Aligning Your Team for Results 
5 Tweaks to Energize Your Business Growth
Want To Get Clients? Make Them Know, Like and Trust You
Getting Clients by Knowing WHAT
How To Handle A Crisis
Building Profitable Relationships
10 Tips For Collection Calls
What Will Never Change
Develop Loyal Customers to Improve Business Growth
How To Use Gratitude To Get Clients
Ready For A Legal Smackdown?
Stop Blaming the Economy and Start Taking Action!
15 Critical Leadership Traits Needed Today!
Like it or not, your customers have got you labeled!
10 Business Success Secrets in a Bad Economy
Want to Get Clients? Use AttrACTION
Who’s The Most Important Party in Debt Collection?
Marketing Metrics
Improve Your Leadership by Empowering Staff
Real People v. Virtual World – What’s the Future of Debt Collections?
To Get Clients, You Need To Pull, Not Push
Improve Leadership by Avoiding Staff Burnout
Top Notch Client Services Is Essential For Debt Collection Professionals
Getting Clients With Facebook
How To Conduct An Effective Meeting
Top 5 Business Growth Success Secrets
Absolutely Crush Your Competition!
Teamwork in Today’s Debt Collection Industry
Deciding WHAT You Want
5 Tips To Attract More Clients
Debt Collection Agency & Law Firm Operations
Who Stole Your Enthusiasm?
Improve Your Leadership By Sharing Your Vision
Say "Yes" If Your Are Positioned For Success
8 Strategies to Increase Sales Revenue Growth
Why You Need a List to Create a Successful Business
Encrypted Files Essential For Debt Collection Law Firms and Agencies
Don't Be Afraid Of Your Competition
Healthy Operations For Debt Collection Firms & Collection Agencies
Create Meaning & Purpose In Your Life
Are You A Visible or Invisible Leader?
Replace Fear With Intense Courage
Being Different To Improve Your Business Strategy
Business Cards - Still Needed In Today's Techno World?
How Mindset Affects Your Business
The Best Way To Work A Room...Is Not To!
Strategies To Attract New Clients
Eight Tips For Choosing A Collection Agency
Top 10 Mistakes That Cause Collection Problems
Are You Hiding Your Mona Lisa In Your Garage?
Where's The Beef? Getting Clients With Email Marketing
Sales Success Principal - Know and speak the language of your client
17 Bonuses That Attract New Clients
Marketing Your Collection Law Firm


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