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Create Meaning and Purpose In Your Life By Christine Corelli
Dynamic Keynote Speaker & Author 

Too much to do. Too little time. Fierce competition. Demanding customers. Heavy workloads. High expectations from management. Deadlines. High levels of stress. Lack of life balance. Worry about job stability. I doubt there are many people who are not experiencing these challenges. How do we cope? That seems to be the magic question. One way is to do our best. Another, it to look beyond the day to day grind and strive to find greater meaning and purpose in our jobs and in our lives.

Life is For Doing, Learning, Helping and Enjoying. With all the job pressure, overwork, and insecurity you are feeling, you might find that if you focus on what you enjoy about your job, you may be in a better state of mind each day.  Be open to all the experiences your job can teach you about yourself and the business world. Develop yourself in new ways by honing your skills, learning new skills and setting your sights toward higher goals and personal growth. Maintain an upbeat attitude and accept that life isn't always fair, that problems will occur and that you're likely to make a few more mistakes along the way. Take obstacles in stride, keep a proper perspective and maintain your sense of humor. 

Forget About the Past, But Appreciate It. Don't let the past hold you back from winning. It's easy to hang on to past mistakes, and career or life's disappointments. It's far better to look upon them as learning experiences and appreciate them for what they've taught you. The past is finished. Whatever you have or have not achieved, you can't change it. Learn from it, forget about it and focus on what you can impact-today and the rest of your life. Do some mental housecleaning. When you find yourself fretting over disappointments of the past, stop wasting your energy and seek new challenges, peace and contentment for your life. Then, you'll be able to advance to higher l evels of success and begin to live your life to its fullest potential.

Clean Out The Closets of Your Life.  Positive energy is key to those who seek success and prosperity. When I started my business, I realized people who did not share the same values were draining much of my energy. I also observed that the most successful people around me had no tolerance for negative people. They have learned that these individuals can be toxic to their well being.

If you realize that you're spending your valuable time and energy with others who do not share the same values or have interests which have grown apart from yours, I encourage you to eliminate or at least lessen the amount of time you spend with them, because they're probably not adding any real value to your life. Perhaps you've known some of these energy-zappers for a long time and have simply outgrown them. I'm not suggesting you need to be hurtful to others, but a hard-working person cannot afford to invest time in relationships that bring no enjoyment. If you work with a negative person, talk to them and if that doesn't help, tune them out.   

Discover "Who You Are" and "Who You Want to Be"

Mark Twain said, "Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the great people make you feel that you, too, can become great or are already great! Initiate relationships and spend time with people who not only encourage you, but also provide real friendship. Surround yourself with loyal friends who genuinely care about you. Be sure you have at least one close friend to share your feelings. Associate with great people who have meaning and purpose in their lives and are dedicating themselves to worthy attainments that make a vital difference for their family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and customers, as well as themselves.  

Accept What's Occurring Around You and Focus on What's Really Important. Look upon the challenges you are facing as a time to focus on what's really important. Amidst all the changes occurring around us, what things have changed that are truly important to you? None! Family, friends, health, peace of mind, are still the things that are important to you.

Create Meaning and Purpose I recall hearing: "the purpose of life is to have a life of purpose." How true. We each have a life to live, one that has meaning and direction. I know a lot of people who take themselves and their work too seriously. Of course, our work and our success are important, but in the end, it shouldn't be what defines you. Understanding this took me a long time for, as a young woman, I defined myself as a person by my professional achievements. Over the years, I began to realize that, most likely, no one at my funeral would say, "She was such a successful businesswoman!" I hope they'll remember me for making a positive difference in the lives of those I meet.    

Value Time and Friendship Respect time and don't waste it. Recognize that time is our most precious commodity and that it's surely more important than money. Gayle Olson, my closest friend, was a vibrant woman who had an incredible zest for life. She had the best of everything-loving husband, wonderful family, beautiful home, adoring friends, good looks and a successful career as a radiology technician. Then lung cancer stole it all away from her much too early. Losing her was devastating to me, as it was she who always encouraged me in my every endeavor and gave me that kick in the rear when I needed one. The loss of this dear friend was my wake-up call on the importance of time and the value of loyal friendship. I know now how valuable our time is here on this beautiful blue planet Earth, and how important it is to make time for the people who are important in my life. 

Live now. If, on the last day of your life, someone offered you time or money, you undoubtedly would ask for time. Joan Baez said, "Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. We can't choose how or when we're going to die, but we can choose how we're going to live. Live now!"  

Great people help themselves, and help others and make a difference in their lives. When you commit to becoming a positive person who's making a positive difference in the world, and in the lives of those you touch in your business and your personal life, then you'll achieve Greatness. 


"We make a living by what we get,

     But we make a life by what we GIVE."

     - Winston Churchill, 1950



Meet Christine Corelli

Christine Corelli is an in-demand conference speaker, savvy businesswoman, consultant, and author of five books, including the best selling “Wake Up and Smell the Competition.” The first print run of her newest book, “Capture Your Competitors’ Customers and KEEP Them” sold out in just two weeks and is still selling strong.   

Christine speaks on leadership for results, excelling in sales, employee motivation for bottom and top-line improvement, and cutting edge customer service solutions.  

With hundreds of presentations to her credit, she is a true veteran of the platform and maintains an active speaking calendar.  To learn more about her credentials and impressive client list, visit her website:


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