California updates notice requirements on time-barred debt collection efforts
Georgia-based Company Banned from Debt Collection Business
“Maybe You Just Shouldn’t Collect Debts in Illinois”
Debt Buyers Are Debt Collectors Too, Third Circuit Says
New Federal Court of Appeals Rulings Favor Debt Collectors (podcast)
Fair Debt Collection – In Writing, and We Mean It
Arcadia Recovery Bureau cleared of four of five claims in debt collection lawsuit
Debt Collector and its Former CEO to Pay Up to $3 Million Each...
Debt Collectors Should Consider Changing Dialing Strategies in Light of...
Debt-collection lawsuits are roaring back, along with an old ruse that victimizes... 
CFPB loses lawsuit against Cleveland debt collection firm
Calling out Judicial Bias Against Debt Collectors in NJ
Consumer agency fines South Carolina firm $5 million over improper debt collection
UK: Man 'stabbed female door-to-door debt collector to death' in Basildon
Debt Collector Accused of Scamming Credit Unions Loses Appeal
ACLU challenges state's debt collection practices for indigent defendants
Breaking Down Consumer Debt Collection Complaints
"Killed By My Debt" exposes flaws in the UK bailiff industry...
ED Data Shows 109% Increase in Student Loan Defaults Over Last 4 Years
Trump administration to hand student debt collection to loan servicers...
Struthers man hits two people with vehicle as it's being repossessed
Schlanger Law Group LLP Files Class Action Lawsuit against Wells Fargo Bank... 
FTC to Prioritize Deceptive Debt Collection in 2018
Debt Collection Agencies Face Lawsuit For Disguise Scam
Debt Collection Rulemaking Now Pushed to 2019
Is Debt Collection a "Merchandising Practice"? Missouri Supreme Court Says Yes
Creating a Circuit Split Regarding the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act...
Jury issues decision in lawsuit brought by federal government against Cleveland... 
Trump's CFPB is shutting the office that focuses on student loan abuses
Education Dept. cancels contracts with two firms to collect on student debt
Driving for Innovation in Debt Collection
New York debt collector guilty of tax evasion, owes $1.2M
CFPB v. WWR Debt Collection Law Firm Suit Goes to Trial
State AGs Urge Congress to Protect State Enforcement of the FDCPA
Massachusetts Supreme Court Rules on Debt Collector Licensing of...
Debt collector liable for ignoring dispute letters - 7th Circuit
Seventh Circuit Emailed Validation Notice Case Forces Tip-Off between...
Debt Collector Agrees to $8.5M Settlement with Georgia AG
Changing The Direction Of Debt Collection
Mulvaney Testimony to Congress Makes Zero Mention of Debt Collection
Identity theft victim turns to ABC13 for help with bill collectors (video)
CA Court of Appeal Holds Mortgage Servicers Can be Debt Collectors Under... 
ACA International Responds to Misleading ACLU Report on Debt Collection Industry
When Prosecutors and Debt Collection Companies Become Business Partners... 
Debt Collection Law Firms Must Follow FDCPA in Foreclosure Cases, Court Says
Illegal 'zombie' debt collections rampant in Florida, advocate says
How Lenders are turning low-level courts into Dickensian "Debt Collection Mills"
Lawyers don’t need special protection to work as debt collectors
Case ends against Erie debt collector said to use fake courtroom
IRS Issues Scam Alert on Fraudulent Callers Impersonating Debt Collection...
Mortgage debt collection class survives dismissal motion 
3rd Circuit revives lawsuit over collection of time-barred debt
Podcast ‘He’s going to go after debt collectors’ (audio)
Sectors to Watch in Trump’s State of Union Speech (video)
Report: End-of-Year Consumer Litigation Filings Decline
7th Circuit says debt collectors cannot simply copy and paste safe harbor language
How Events of 2017 Will Shape The Consumer Financial Services Industry in 2018
AG Pushes Collection Firm to Scrap $8.8M in Consumer Debt
Congress should vote down this harmful debt collection legislation
Debt Collection Activity Alone Does Not a Debt Collector Make...
Third Circuit, Interpreting Del. Law, Preserves Strict Time Limit for...
Mulvaney Reigns in the CFPB 
Consumer Bureau Must Ease Disclosure of Probe-Gained Information
California sues Trump administration on behalf of students seeking debt relief
Why States Should Have Primary Oversight of Attorney’s Activities in... 
CFPB Withdraws Proposal to Survey Consumers on Debt Collection
FTC Obtains Court Order Against Scammers Impersonating Legitimate... 
Risks for Debt Collection Lawyers
FTC halts abusive debt collection operation
Debt Collection Rulemaking on Hold Amid CFPB Rancor
Voice over Internet Protocol - Yesterday, Today and Back to Yesterday
Georgia-based Business Charged with Taking More Than $3 Mill from... 
Behind the Lucrative Assembly Line of Student Debt Lawsuits
Debt Buyers May Now File for a License in Oregon 
Another Industry Win in the Battle Over Interest Disclosures in Second Circuit
All Oklahoma Sheriffs Named in Debt-Collection Lawsuit
Accused debt-collection scam operators to relinquish gold bar, homes, cash...
The Texas rent-to-own industry's hidden hammer is its 'debt collection by... 
Related: Customer complaints mount over Plano-based Rent-A-Center's... 
Federal Reserve Enters Consent Order to Sanction Deceptive Practice Involving... 
Another 1099(c) Disclosure Case Moves Forward in New Jersey
Insider reveals inner workings of multimillion-dollar debt collection scheme
After Equifax Hack, Calls For Big Changes In Credit Reporting Industry
U.S. Consumer Bureau Offers Rules for Financial Data Collection
Payday Debt Collector, Servicer Must Forgive $12M
Debt Collector Defeats FDCPA Suit with Bona Fide Error Defense 
Update: Trott debt collection bill draws consumer groups’ ire
Voicemail Triggers Fair Debt Collection Law, Appeals Court Says
Trott's Bill Would Change Debt Collection Rules
The Saga Continues: Who, Exactly, is a Debt Collector?
Federal Judge Allows CFPB Case Against Debt Collection Law Firm to...
Debt Collector Prevails in FDCPA Case About Outdated BBB Rating
National Bank, Debt Collection Agency Reach $4.3 Million Class Action... 
Feds accuse Charlotte debt collection agency of pretending to be lawyers
New Collection Letter Lawsuits in California and New York: What Your... 
Lawyers Must Face Debt Collection Lawsuit, Appeals Court Says
Debt Collector Not Liable Under the TCPA for Post-Revocation Calls... 
Buffalo becomes 'ground zero' for abusive debt collectors
Debt Collector Prevails by Using Safe Harbor Language on Letters in...
Rape survivor wants debt collection calls to stop (video)
Jared Kushner's firm seeks arrest of Maryland tenants to collect debt
Year 8 Of The Great American Recovery: Household Debt
Debt collector threatens people with YouTube films
Class action denied in 'misleading' debt collection case vs Midland Credit... 
Oregon Debt Collection Bill Passes House and Senate
Third Circuit Provides Guidance to Creditors Seeking Section 503(b)(9)... 
From Forbearance To Garnishments: 5 Things We Learned About Student... 
AG Healey announces $1m settlement with debt collector
Judge sentences Concord man behind $6 million debt collection scheme
Big Changes to West Virginia Debt Collection Laws Now in Effect
6 charged in connection to $3M debt collection scheme in Charlotte
Third Circuit Serves Up Double Fault in FDCPA, TCPA Decision
Debt collection is going digital. Here's what it means for debtors...
Action 9 investigates HOA debt collectors
AG's office secures $150K in settlement with debt collection company
FTC charges North Carolina debt collection operation with taking money...
Debt Collector’s Fraud Hits California, Nevada & Washington CUs
Judge rules law firm was acting as debt collector in FDCPA case
National Credit Adjusters LLC accused of unlawful debt collection practices
Norfolk debt-collection firm settles with IRS
Debt Collection Complaints Continue Monthly Decline; Consumer Litigation... 
Abusive debt collector gets 78 months in prison
New York debt collector banned from debt collection, enforcement in Kansas
Telemarketers, debt collectors fight to bypass ringtone on cellphones
Federal Court Extends Ban on Assigning of Defaulted Borrowers to Debt... 
Fed Report Analyzes Debt Collection and Access to Credit
Debtors can now protect paychecks from debt collection (video)
Hold the Phone – Debt Collectors Challenge FCC’s Take on TCPA
AG alleges lawyer used deceptive practices in debt collection
Supreme Court Debt Collection Ruling Problematic, Attorneys Say
TIGTA keeping an eye on IRS private debt collectors
SCOTUS Backs Debt Collectors on Stale Claims in Bankruptcy
Litigating Debt Collections May Subject You to Liability
Collector's Attempts At Old Debt Violate FDCPA, Jury Finds
Commercial Collection Agencies of America Gives Back
Debt Collector Faces Class Action Over Autodialed Calls
U.S. Supreme Court Rejects “Meaningful Attorney Involvement” Case
Major Banks Make Recommendations to Treasury That Could Impact Debt... 
Successors by Merger May Not be Debt Collectors 
Debt Collector Abuse Is Raging in the Trump Era
Debt Collection, Made Easier And … Gentler?
Student Debt Hits $1.4 Trillion
Recapping crucial debt collection case before Supreme Court
N.J. firm argues for sanctions against accuser; Debt collector says... 
Report: Medical debt collections draw scrutiny
West Virginia Law Revises Terms for Debt Collections
Justices Appear Reluctant to Close Debt Collection Loophole
From Stone Age to Drone Age: Debt Collection Goes High-Tech
CFPB Sues Debt Collection Law Firm for Allegedly Misleading... 
Bona Fide Error Defense Comes Through For Collector With Strong Processes
Violation Of The FDCPA — Without More — Counts As A Concrete Injury
Debt Collection Company President Fined $2 Million for FDCPA Violations 
SCOTUS to consider application of FDCPA to debt buyers
Preventing Chargebacks in the Collection Industry: A How-To Guide
IRS assigns some old debts to private collection firms, but agency will still... 
Denver-area debt collection company shut down for deceptive, illegal...
Vermont Lawyer Jean Murray Takes on the Debt-Collection Industry 
FTC order imposes $350,000 penalty on debt collection agency
AFSA among groups to make argument in debt collection case before... 
AG orders company to pay $491,000 in restitution and fees
Debt collection firm files bankruptcy; owes $460M
Debt Collection Complaints Surge Compared to Early 2016
Collectly is moving debt collection online
The Feds Just Rolled Back a Rule Protecting You From Overzealous... 
Advocates worry new IRS debt collection service leads to fraud, confusion
Jury awards $500,000 to Lee’s Summit woman hounded by debt collector
Judge certifies NY class action over big debt collector's high rates
A Debt Buyer is a Debt Collector Under MA Law
Man Charged With Operating Illegal Debt Collection Business
These New Innovations Will Change Debt Collection, One Way or the Other
Houston debt collector to pay $700,000 to settle federal case
FTC Says It Filed 12 Cases Against Illegal Debt Collection Practices In 2016
IRS Debt Collection Program May Lead to Confusion, Help Scammers (video)
Repeated automated debt collection calls are a 'concrete injury' under... 
Report: New bill to remove Dodd-Frank rules imminent
National Black Caucus of State Legislators call for debt collection reform
Nestle, Debt Collector Can't Escape Autodialed Call TCPA Suit
Colorado Holds Hearing on Whether to Sunset Its Fair Debt Collection... 
Legislation to Repeal Collection Calls for Government Debt Introduced in...
Arbitration Enforcement? The Potential Expansion of Debt Collection
Payback for a Debt Collector: Illegal, Aggressive Tactics Result in Jail Time 
Liberal U.S. justices hit debt collector's business practices
Betsy DeVos Ethics Report Reveals Ties to Student Debt Collection Firm
In Nebraska, New Bill Proposes Protections Against Rampant Debt Collection
Plaintiff alleges New Jersey law firm misrepresented its involvement in...
Is Georgia a haven for abusive debt collectors?
Clinton campaign still owes Philadelphia for months-old security bill: Report
Medical Debt Collection Firms Must Refund $577K For Threatening...
FTC Ends Enforcement Actions Under Operation Collection Protection
Overhauling Obamacare could lead to spike in medical debt collections
The CFPB and the FTC Should Divide Up Debt Collection Enforcement
More Than One Call Per Day Is Not Enough To Violate FDCPA
Man who had his medical debt paid by John Oliver speaks out
6 charged in debt collection fraud scheme
Credit Protection Association accused of violating laws in debt-collection field
Government Pushes Retirees Into Poverty for Decades-Old Student Debt
Will Guys With Guns Replace the Agency Elizabeth Warren Created?
Massachusetts Proposes New Rules for Collection Litigation on Credit Card... 
The disturbing trend of people losing Social Security benefits to student debt
Bill lets collection firms tack fees onto Ohio student-loan debt
Xerox pays $2.4 million to settle illegal debt collection charges
The CFPB must educate as it regulates debt collection
Class-action lawsuit against Nebraska debt collector settled for $198K
Three-Month Average in Debt Collection Complaints Continues to Increase
What Could Trump’s Presidency Mean for the Debt Collection Industry?
$5.5 Million TCPA Class Action Settlement Against Debt Collector
U.S. debt collector gets five years in prison for fraud scheme
Meet the Guy Hounding You Over Your Student Loan Debt
Regulators Take Action Against ‘Massive’ Debt Collection Operation
Credit union exec pleads guilty to embezzling $19M
Poker champ pleads guilty, apologizes in alleged $31M debt collection... 
Collection House guidance 2017: ‘underperforming’ staff cut, profits tipped...
China's Loosely Regulated Online Lending Has Inspired an Army of...
Creditors and Debt Collectors Should Pay Close Attention to the CFPB’s...
4th Cir. Holds Foreclosure is FDCPA ‘Debt Collection,’ Mere Servicer Need...
Coming Soon: A Big Debt Collection Deadline in New York
CFPB Fines Navy Federal $28.5M Over Debt Collection
New regs for Wednesday: Mortgage, debt collectors, mentors
Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Debt-Collections Case 
Alco Collections alleged violated federal debt collection practices
Ninth Circuit Holds That Enforcing A Security Interest Is Not... 
Maryland Appeals Case Upholds FDCPA
Advocates seek more limits on debt collectors
Indian American sentenced to jail in California for role in phony debt... 
Warren says government is forcing student borrowers to pay ‘fraudulent'...
Legal Pleadings Subject to Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Attempts To Collect Time-Barred Debt Provide Fertile Ground For FDCPA... 
California Amends Identity Theft Requirements for Debt Collectors
Debt collection giant iQor sued for $10 million
FTC Announces Latest Operation Collection Protection Actions
5th Circuit Rules Against Collector For Not Making Disclosures in... 
Rampaging debt collectors are committing highway robbery
College debt collection practices under scrutiny
Persistent calls from debt collection agencies plague Raleigh woman
Atlanta debt collector ordered to pay up
FCC Issues Federal Debt Collection Robocall Rules
Ohio Attorney General Forms Student Loan Debt Collection Advisory Group
West Virginia AG wins judgment against debt collection firm
FTC Resolves “Operation Collection Protection” Charges; Bans Companies...
Debt Collector Banned from Collection Business
Garnishment Action Accuses Lawyer of Using Unpaid Judgment to Block... 
New Protections Against Debt Collectors
ACA Submits Comments Opposing CFPB’s Proposed Rule on Arbitration
Travell Thomas declares racial motivation in ongoing debt-collection case
Washington Debt Collectors Give Big To Senate Republicans
CFPB debt collection proposal called most significant change in 30 years
FCC Adopts TCPA Rules for Exemption of Federal Gov Debt Collection Calls
Voicemail Message Without Express Statement It Was From Debt Collector...

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