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Healthy Operations For Debt Collection  By Mark V. Matz
Law Firms & Collection Agencies Collection Industry Consultant

Managing a successful debt collection law practice and collection agency has many challenges.  No matter what your business focus, there are common and basic operational realities that have to be addressed with a goal to keep their cost factor at the lowest figure possible so profitability (and annual shareholder or partner bonuses) can be increased.  

Generally, there are three major sources of expense for a firm:  Rent – Salary – Insurance.  The lesser costs are supplies, equipment, software, marketing and the cost of receivables.  Let us briefly look at two of three and focus on one where a new opportunity may be able to help you drastically reduce costs and improve benefits.   

Rents are controlled by the landlord’s expected profit margin.  Those owing their office space face increasing taxes where in spite of falling property values, various levels of government continually need exponentially increasing amounts of income.  Salary is a measure of the current job market where the qualifications and expertise of your professional and support staff come into play based on your market’s availability. 

This leaves insurance which has two categories, errors and omissions (perhaps general liability and business interruption).  But the one type of insurance that also relates back to salary and owner-employee benefits (and which has been unabatedly rising) is health care!  

Large companies are able to find good rates as the risk is spread over a larger number of people.  But many debt collection law firms and agencies (most actually, are smaller in number) face a significantly higher bar to acquire quality medical insurance.  These may include dental, long term care and life insurance).  If there was a way to obtain superior quality coverage from a nationally known provider, would you take a moment to act?  If your answer is yes, are looking for an alternative solution to the rising cost of health coverage?  

Can you as an employer in the challenging debt collection industry continue to absorb 20-40% annual premium increases? How does a grandfathered plan designed with just a $450 single and $950 family monthly rate sound (with a $400 deductible using the largest national network)?  Being aware of new ways to achieve your goals while providing quality health care to you and your employees should cause you to seriously think about these questions, and your answers.  For more information about the health program outlined in this article, feel free to email:, visit their website: or call (847) 564-3961 if you should have questions and want to receive a formal proposal for your firm (be sure to tell them you read about it on The Debt  

Managing the expenses of your business will always be a challenge and something that needs constant monitoring.  Finding new ways to reduce your overhead is important to the health of your company.  Your staff’s good health is also vital to your collection firm or collection agency’s future bottom line success – and piece of mind!   

Meet Mark V. Matz

Mark V. Matz - began working in the broadcast media for WGN Radio and Television in Chicago, IL (a part of the Tribune Company) back in the late 1970's as part of the team on the then number one rated radio program. He later worked in the station’s Sports Department working for Baseball Hall of Fame Broadcasters Jack Brickhouse, Harry Caray and Lou Boudreau - before moving into the Finance Department at WGN, reaching the title of Credit Manager in 1986.

Moving beyond broadcasting, he went to work in the credit industry on the association side of the business before branching out to provide marketing services to a number of members of the industry ranging from attorneys, collection agencies and law list publishers. Mark served on staff as Marketing and Membership Director for the CLLA and remains active with the association; including serving as Co-Chair of the National Marketing Committee and on the Midwest Regional Executive Council. He also served on the Creditors’ Rights Executive Council, as Secretary of the Association of Law List Publishers and in various positions on other CLLA and Commercial Collection Agency Association committees. Mark has written numerous articles and spoken at a number of educational programs on marketing, finance, credit and collection issues during his thirty-plus year career.




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