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Description of Services

If you've ever used a traditional collection agency, you already know the going rate is 25 to 33 1/3% -- or more -- of the debt owed to you. Plus, in most cases, you must wait 21 to 45 long days for your money after your debtor has paid.

Whether you are a large company, small business or individual practice, you can get paid in full with our proven worldwide debt collection service. There is NO financial commitment except to pay our low fee AFTER you receive your money (call for details, subject to credit approval). All for just 22% of the money recovered. Higher fees only apply to very old claims (greater than 1 year), claims less than $300.00, and attorney recoveries.

Mark Zanders, Sr.

President & CEO


Tired of hearing debtors' excuses?

Want to finally get paid? 

Need to see results fast?

Choose Performance Source II for your A/R Help® and you'll save more money and get paid...fast!

Service Area 

We provide professional debt collection services to companies on a worldwide basis. 


5097 N Elston Ave, Suite 300
Chicago, Illinois 60630
Toll Free: 877-505-5822 ext. 202
Fax: 877-507-8041
Email: info@arhelp.com 

Website: www.ARHelp.com 

Testimonials | Comments

Listen To What Our Clients Say:

"We like the...

  • Lower cost
  • Ease of operation
  • Worldwide service
  • Personal service on each debtor
  • Positive results while retaining customers
  • LAW FIRM pre-litigation service that is used when warranted
  • Creative, in-house cash flow strategies, that recover more, reducing bad debt


Call Eric at 800-714-9430 to get your agency listed today!
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Additional Missouri Collection Agencies:  
Receivable Management and Recovery Services, Inc.  


Missouri collection agencies provide professional and aggressive collection of consumer and commercial collection claims throughout the State of Missouri. These collection agencies also handle the collection of money judgments placed with their companies. If you need to collect a consumer or commercial bad debt claim in Missouri, these collection agencies are prepared to serve your needs.

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