Partnering With Us


We are interested in partnering with viable companies in the Collection Industry to create synergistic relationships in which both companies mutually profit equally. We are certainly open to any ideas or concepts that you may have. Our interests lie with (but are not limited to) promoting such products and services as: 


  • debt collection
  • payment processing
  • licensing and bonding
  • call centers
  • demand letter processing
  • billing services
  • debt sales
  • lead generation
  • credit reporting
  • skip tracing and location services


  • background checks
  • tenant screening
  • debt collection software
  • speakers
  • promotional products
  • asset location
  • employment location
  • publications
  • information brokering
  • legal software


If you have an idea that TheDebtCollector can help you promote, please fell free to contact us at 1-800-714-9430 and we be happy to discuss it with you. The exposure that your product or service will receive from partnering with TheDebtCollector is huge and growing every day.  


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