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Say "Yes" if You Are Positioned For  By Christine Corelli
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Forget tough. Today, competition is fierce. As never before, your company faces sophisticated new competitors-many from non-traditional sources. And these competitors are using some very aggressive strategies to shake up the Status Quo. It's a difficult time to be in business. Be sure your company is positioned for success. 


Take this simple "yes" or "no" test to help you determine whether your companyis positioned for future success:


1. Have you conducted research to identify consumer or industry trends and do you have a formal program to obtain information from your customers regarding their needs? ___yes____no


2. Have you consulted with groups of end-users to help you reach decisions in your strategic initiatives? ___yes____no


3. Did you learn what direction your competitors are taking and analyze what you can do to differentiate your product or service? ___yes___no


4. Have you analyzed what new markets your company can tap into? ___yes___no


5. Are you doing business internationally, or preparing to do so? ___yes___no


6. Did you involve your customers, sales force, front-line service people and other key people in creating your strategic plan? ___yes___no


7. Are your sales goals and incentives aligned with your company's marketing strategy? ___yes___no


8. Did your marketing team involve your entire sales team when creating your marketing plan? ___yes___no


9. Did your marketing team share the consumer or end user data they obtained to create the plan with your sales team? ___yes___no


10. Did your company meet with your sales team to discuss strategic areas they may disagree with and come to a mutual understanding? ___yes___no


11. Do your product manager, chief engineer, director of operations, warehouse manager, etc. add their input when your sales people discuss customer needs with upper level management? ___yes___no


12. Is your sales team committed to "agreeing to disagree," with your plans if necessary, and fully support the company effort? ___yes___no


13. Does your company, recognize that where there are conflicting opinions, creativity is stimulated, and positive results can occur? ___yes__no


14. Did management communicate the strategic plan, marketing plan, and sales strategy to the entire company and obtain staff input? ___yes___no


15. Does everyone in your company-from sales to customer service, from marketing to R&D and from the warehouse to the front desk-fully support those plans and recognize that everyone must be on the same page if you are to succeed?   ___yes___no


16. Does your company have a diversified team, or several teams or smart people who are working continuously to determine ways to make those plans work? ___yes___no


17. Does your company realize that such teams can take fragments of ideas and structure a wide variety of options and solutions to problems? ___yes___no


18. Does upper level management solicit, listen, and respond to all ideas,

selecting the best ones to implement? ___yes___no


19. Do your sales people enlist the help and expertise of your techs, product manager, CSR's, etc. to help their customers and do they recognize that they, too, are "in sales?" ___yes___no


20. Do your sales people recognize that, regardless of their individual sales prowess, it requires a strong sales team for ultimate company success?__yes___no


21. Does your company strive to outdistance your current and future competitors with innovation--breakthrough ways of doing business and creating products? __yes___no


22. Is your company willing to take calculated risks to diversify what they offer and introduce new products to the market place that customers are

demanding? __yes___no


23. Does your company strive to leverage vendor expertise and partner for success through strategic alliances? __yes___no


24. Does your company invest in training and learn faster than your competitors? __yes___no


25. Is there a sense of urgency to solve any service problems, quality problems, or problems with employee morale? __yes___no


There are many more questions we can add to this list. For now, your goal is to answer "yes" TO AS MANY AS possible. If we can assist you in these areas, we'd welcome your call.


Happy Selling!  



P.S.  May you approach your week with great strength, and always...integrity.

Meet Christine Corelli

Christine Corelli is an in-demand conference speaker, savvy businesswoman, consultant, and author of five books, including the best selling “Wake Up and Smell the Competition.” The first print run of her newest book, “Capture Your Competitors’ Customers and KEEP Them” sold out in just two weeks and is still selling strong.   

Christine speaks on leadership for results, excelling in sales, employee motivation for bottom and top-line improvement, and cutting edge customer service solutions.  

With hundreds of presentations to her credit, she is a true veteran of the platform and maintains an active speaking calendar.  To learn more about her credentials and impressive client list, visit her website:


 Call Christine at (847) 581 9968




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