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Review and Do What They Best Do By Christine Corelli
Dynamic Keynote Speaker & Author 

Forget tough. Today, competition is fierce! If you are  seeking to create a practice / client base in today's marketplace that will keep growing for years to come, review and do what the very best do.

Values drive everything they do. Honesty, integrity, and respect, are demonstrated with each client encounter, and in all they do.

"Do unto others" is exactly what they do, and they treat people exceptionally well. Excellence in all they do is another strong core value. "Good enough" does not exist.

The best avoid the Number One cause of business failure- Failure to seek new business.  They are never comfortable where they are - even if they've been in the business many years.

The best take personal accountability for the growth of their business/client base. They hold themselves accountable for what they get done on any given day and do not blame the economy if business is down.

The best have had mentors and learned from the best. They are now mentors for others, but they will only spend their time with those who are serious about success and will implement the advice they provide. 

The best stay focus on "sales-related" activities - phone calls, face-to-face visits with clients, developing relationships, asking for referrals, and networking. Paperwork is done after 5:00 pm or by their assistants. E-mail is checked three times a day. Time management is applied and they do their best to be effective. They also know there is a big difference between efficient (getting a lot done) and effective

The best sell the "Total Solution." They fully recognize they must first build trust before they can sell anything. When they interact with potential clients, they sell the three things that comprise the Total Solution.

1.  Themselves
2.  The company they represent
3.  The product(s) they are selling.

The best ask clients for more business and cross-sell in a professional manner. "Is there anything else you need?" They make every effort to sell more products, and always in a professional manner. Aggressiveness is avoided.

The best ask for and obtain referrals regularly and in a highly professional manner..."Mr. Client, the majority of my business is based on referrals. Is there anyone you might suggest I contact who may also need insurance or have interest in taking a look at some of these investments? I would really appreciate the referral." They say this in one breath and with no pausing between sentences. Then, they "help" people think of who may need their services. "How about your brother?" Do you know anyone who is getting married or needs estate planning? How about any other business owners you may know."

Thee best are 150% sales-minded, and their antennae are out at all times. Business cards are always in their pockets and they give them out frequently. Tact is applied.

They believe "Visibility is as Important as Ability."
Appointments for face to face visits with clients comprise most of the day.  They frequently speak at Rotary or Chambers of Commerce events, companies, Women's Groups, or any group that will benefit from knowledge on financial and insurance related topics. If they attend a networking event with a member of their staff, they stay separated in order to maximize the opportunity to meet more people. 

When business is slow, the best take ten policies/clients and arrange a visit.  Next thing you know, they obtain more business and valuable referrals.

They are "Masters of Marketing." They know if they are marketing to and obtaining business from any one group or company, far wiser to have more than one niche. The best have several niches - doctors, dentists, industries, businesses, women, elderly groups, business leaders and more. Their websites are far more impressive than those of their competitors. Cold and warm calls are done each day.

The best hold referral-building events that are interesting, different, and memorable. Clients and potential clients are made to feel like VIP's.

The best are masters at building relationships. They don't sell insurance, mutual funds, retirement plans, etc. They "help" people and sell "peace of mind."

The best never believe they can't sway a client over to them from another company, agent, FA.   They keep developing the relationship.

The best make sure practice, agency, or client base is never static. Top producers make sure their business is always growing. They try new marketing ideas and advertising. They create a business plan each year set goals.

The best make sure they are current. The insurance and financial services industry is ever-changing and evolving. Whether it's new rules and regulations, or how consumer and business professionals buy, the best stay informed and abreast of what is occurring. They subscribe to newsletters and read everything their company provides.

The best continuously learn and hone their skills: They learn as much as they can about selling, marketing, consulting,and public relations. They attend industry association events and meetings with the intention of seeking ideas and skills they can incorporate into their work. They know that even one thing they can learn or improve upon can make a difference in their bottom line.

The best promise service excellence and deliver on it. They have adequate staff or a team to assist them in delivering a consistently positive client experience. "Guiding principles" are established on how clients will be treated. Their staff thinks and acts as their "brand ambassador" and knows everything they say and do impacts sales and new business. Teamwork and exceptionally great customer service is a strong part of their competitive strategy.

The best project success and professionalism. All financial services professionals dress for success. Independent insurance agents and financial advisors who have their own offices make a positive impression on clients and prospects. They "stage" their office nicely, and make sure it is decorated to make them project success." 

The best know the meaning of "Sticktuitiveness." They stick to making their business continue to grow and prosper.

The best love what they do. They look forward to going to work every day. Many have even found a reason for what they do beyond making a living. This has provided them with more meaning and purpose in their lives. Most importantly, their genuineness comes through to clients and prospects.

The best execute! They know that knowing what you should do, and doing it, are two very different things. Ideas, skills and good intentions are great. The difference between the best performers and mediocre performers it that the best "Just Do IT."

Are you already doing what the very best do in your industry? If you are, here's the question to ask yourself right now:

How well am I doing it?

Meet Christine Corelli

Christine Corelli is an in-demand conference speaker, savvy businesswoman, consultant, and author of five books, including the best selling “Wake Up and Smell the Competition.” The first print run of her newest book, “Capture Your Competitors’ Customers and KEEP Them” sold out in just two weeks and is still selling strong.   

Christine speaks on leadership for results, excelling in sales, employee motivation for bottom and top-line improvement, and cutting edge customer service solutions.  

With hundreds of presentations to her credit, she is a true veteran of the platform and maintains an active speaking calendar.  To learn more about her credentials and impressive client list, visit her website:


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