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What Will Never Change By Christine Corelli
Dynamic Keynote Speaker & Author 

If there's one word that captures the essence of what is occurring all around us, it's change.We are experiencing unprecedented change in business, the economy, society, healthcare systems, government, and our personal lives. Many of us have a constant companion - challenge.

In this environment it should not be surprising we have difficulty staying motivated. Many of us are disgruntled by managerial calls to accept and adapt to change, while worrying that we may lose our jobs or go out of business. Some of us may even resist what is occurring and passively go through the motions of our daily activities. Some even refuse to accept the changes that are occurring and remain trapped in old ways of thinking and acting. 

It may best serve us to focus on what will never change and always carry us through - our inner strength.

Don't think you have it? Of course you do. You were born with the instinct and will to survive.  All of us have this capacity. Go deep within and you'll find it.

Unfortunately, we sometimes (even unknowingly) put up our own roadblocks to success. We resist, complain and refuse to take on the challenge. We simply won't change. We won't rely on our inner strength.   

The sad news is that our environment will continue to change whether we go along or not. We can choose to get on board or be left behind.  

Can you rise to the challenge of change and tap into what will never change - that your inner strength will carry through? I, for one, choose to tap into it every day, and enjoy the journey.


Meet Christine Corelli

Christine Corelli is an in-demand conference speaker, savvy businesswoman, consultant, and author of five books, including the best selling “Wake Up and Smell the Competition.” The first print run of her newest book, “Capture Your Competitors’ Customers and KEEP Them” sold out in just two weeks and is still selling strong.   

Christine speaks on leadership for results, excelling in sales, employee motivation for bottom and top-line improvement, and cutting edge customer service solutions.  

With hundreds of presentations to her credit, she is a true veteran of the platform and maintains an active speaking calendar.  To learn more about her credentials and impressive client list, visit her website:


 Call Christine at (847) 581 9968




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